What is stronger Sativa or Indica?

What's the difference between Sativa vs Indica? It seems like everyone has a different opinion. Some people say that sativas produce a more cerebral high, while indicas are more physical and give you couch-lock. Others say that they don't feel any kind of mental or physical effects at all. In reality, it could be either type of strain – it's just up to the individual to let their own body dictate what they need.

After some research, I found that much of the information online is not entirely accurate. For example, some people claim that indicas are more sativa-dominant, but this is not true. Both types can produce whichever kind of high the consumer desires.

What I do know about sativas and indicas is what the plant has to say about itself. Some strains will be more physical than others and some will be more cerebral. For example, a sativa will produce more and faster physical effects. However, the mental effects are more cerebral. Indicas are also very cerebral, but with a more relaxed body effect.