What are the negative side effects of delta-8?

Delta-8 is a relatively new drug that has been approved by the FDA to treat a number of physical and mental diseases. It was designed specifically to focus on how many neurotransmitters are in the human brain. However, recent studies have shown that Delta-8 may have some potential negative side effects that are quite concerning for such a vital treatment.

In fact, other studies have even found evidence suggesting that it may lead to schizophrenia and suicide rates in teenagers.

Delta-8 has been touted as a treatment for many different types of disorders including:

· Autism in people of all ages

· Schizophrenia in adults and adolescents

· Bipolar Disorder in adults and adolescents (with manic episodes)

Unfortunately, there is some evidence that using this drug to treat these disorders may have some potentially dangerous side effects. These have not been thoroughly studied yet, but they appear to be linked to an increase in aggression and suicidal thoughts.

The most concerning side effect is the fact that the drug may actually cause schizophrenia in teens. The drug, in some instances, seems to trigger early changes in certain teens which can lead to new mental symptoms.

This could potentially lead to a true psychotic break in teenagers. Until more evidence is gathered, it's unclear whether or not this actually occurs regularly.

However, even if it doesn't occur frequently, when it does appear, it may have some serious consequences for the patient.