Is there such a thing as 1000 mg edibles?

1000 mg edibles sound like a lot, but are they really? What's the difference between mg and mg when it comes to edibles? And is there such a thing as 1000mg edibles anyways?

The answer depends on who you ask. While some people say that 1000mg edibles are just meant to be a suggestion, others say that they're not possible without going overboard.

Edibles 101:

You've probably taken a hit of kief, or a coffee sandwich, or maybe even loaded up some hash in the past. But did you know that those are actually just isolated doses of THC? They come from the same cannabis plant, but they're not the same marijuana product.

And it's not just isolated doses. You also have cannabis products like concentrates, which are produced by separating out parts of the marijuana plant. This is what makes them so potent. And this is also the reason why you have to use more bud than you'd think. Or more weed than you'd guess.

But, whether it be concentrates, isolates, or whole plants, they all contain the same molecule: THCa.

THC works by changing our brain's chemical activity – making us feel intense euphoria and relaxation – but our body can't break down THCa so it can't get into our bloodstream and make us high.

This is where decarboxylation comes in, which activates THCa and converts it to THC. This is why you have to add heat to your edibles before you consume them.