Can I legally buy Delta 8 in Texas?

Delta 8 is a very common drug that has the same effects and side effects as THC, but with one major difference: it does not contain any psychoactive properties or THC. This means that Delta 8 can be prescribed for medical use without getting high or having any other effects like you would get from weed.

Delta 8, more commonly known as synthetic THC, has been used by medical professionals to treat many illnesses and conditions. It was introduced as a possible treatment for wasting syndrome in AIDS patients. This is because Delta 8 is known to increase appetite and combat loss of muscle mass.

The drug has since been used to treat many other conditions. It is particularly useful for those who have difficulty swallowing the pill form of THC, which can be difficult for some people and may be unsafe for others.

How can I legally buy Delta 8 in Texas?

Delta-8 remains legal in Texas. It is available at just about every medical marijuana dispensary in Texas. There are even some dispensaries that have begun offering Delta-8 to patients graciously in pill form.

Texas health inspectors do not punish medical marijuana dispensaries that sell Delta 8. There are no laws prohibiting dispensaries from carrying Delta-8.

Delta 8 has been proven to help many conditions, but it is not at all psychoactive. This means that it won't make you high or change your state of mind in any way whatsoever.